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The RR is now even more focused and more precisely geared towards pure performance. For those who increasingly demand more. More from themselves. More each lap. And more from their RR. Simply put: #NeverStopChallenging. Leading the way is a matter of millimetres, especially in the circles the RR has always been a part of. That’s why we have streamlined and evolved the RR where it matters most: from the new steering angle sensor with Brake Slide Assist and Slide Control as well as the integration of M components and improvements to the electronics and crucial processes for modifying the bike for the race track. And all this with a clear goal in mind – claiming the pole position over and over again.

It’s hard to imagine the race track without it – and the RR is also intrinsically linked to it

Depending on the speed, composite plastic winglets generate up to 17.1 kg aerodynamic downforce at 300 km/h. This downforce counteracts the tendency of the front wheel to lift off the road surface when accelerating: the fork maintains contact with the ground and DTC isn’t forced to intervene as much. This allows you to noticeably and even more directly convert drive power into acceleration.

More performance on screen

Off to pit lane after laps around the race track: the last screen is now always displayed after having switched the ignition off/on. This will keep your concentration levels high and you focused on your mode. One Pure Ride Screen and three different Core Screens are available depending on your preference. The system displays an appropriate maximum speed when the engine is cold. Thanks to the flashing gearshift indicator, the rotational-speed sensor now flashes much more obviously.

Passion is where the heart beats – and boy, does it beat!

Unleashed passion: we have once again transferred all the experience from the race track to the high-performance BMW ShiftCam four-cylinder engine in the RR: for 3 hp more output to now total 210 hp (154 kW). The airbox from the M RR ensures particularly good air supply and better load changes. The cylinder heads with new channel geometry and reinforced bearing brackets also stem from the M RR. We have also optimised the standard shift assistant Pro. It now also permits gearshifts with overrun upshifts and overrun downshifts and provides improved load change damping – for more gearshifting precision. And even the chain ring has more teeth now: just like in the M RR, it now has 46 teeth instead of 45 – for more power down the straight.

Framework conditions – quite literally

It’s about millimetres to gain more feedback and riding precision: The M chassis kit with raised rear end and adjustable swing arm pivot is standard. Frame recesses provide greater lateral flexibility. We have lowered the steering head angle by 0.5° to 66.4° and reduced the offset of the fork bridges by 3 mm to 25.5 mm for even better front wheel accuracy. And removing the rear wheel has been simplified in practice by using captive axle bushes and optimising the brake system. We have also added Race Pro 1 to 3 to the damping of the DDC in Road, Dynamic, Race mode in a performance-oriented manner. This makes it possible to ride along country roads with on-road damping characteristics, also in Race Pro 1-3.

Redefined cornering

The 6-stage DTC traction control with the new steering angle sensor enables two new functions: Brake Slide Assist for deceleration and Slide/Slip Control for acceleration. The new steering angle sensor measures your drift angle and, in conjunction with the DTC, ensures optimum slip. DTC settings 2 and 3 have been optimised for the race track and slicks. Brake Slide Assist helps you master power slides like these in no time at all: for more dynamic performance around every turn. Thanks to the clearer illustration, you can now read the corresponding settings off the TFT display even more quickly.

Three variants, one character

No matter which variant you choose: in this case, not millimetres or milliseconds are crucial, it’s all about your preferences. However, one thing is clear: each RR is geared towards pure performance.




4-cylinder, 4-stroke in-line engine (BMW ShiftCam)

Bore x stroke

80 mm x 49.7 mm

999 ccm
Rated output

154 kW (210 hp) at 13,500 rpm

Max. torque

113 Nm at 11,000 rpm

Compression ratio

13.3 : 1

Mixture control

Electronic injection, variable intake pibe

Emission control

Closed-loop 3-way catalytic converter


Performance / fuel consumption

Maximum speed

303 km/h

Fuel consumption per 100 km based on WMTC

6.4 l

CO2 emission based on WMTC

149 g/km

Fuel type

Premium unleaded (max. 5 % ethanol, E5), 98 ROZ/RON, 93 AKI


Electrical system


450 W


12 V / 5 Ah, lithium-ion


Power transmission


Multiplate clutch in oil bath, anti-hopping clutch, with self-reinforcement


Claw-shifted 6-speed gearbox with straight cut gears


Chain 525 17/46

Traction control

DTC, slide control


Chassis / brakes


Bridge-type frame, cast aluminium, co-supporting engine

Front wheel location / suspension

Upside-down telescopic fork, diameter 45 mm, spring preload, rebound and compression stages adjustable

Rear wheel location / suspension

Aluminium swing arm, full floater pro, compression and rebound damping adjustable, adjustable spring preload

Suspension travel, front / rear

120 mm / 118 mm


1,456 mm


101.4 mm

Steering head angle



Aluminium cast wheels

Rim, front

3.50 x 17"

Rim, rear

6.00 x 17"

Tyre, front

120/70 ZR17

Tyre, rear

190/55 ZR17 (with M wheels: 200/55 ZR17)

Brake, front

Twin disc brake, diameter 320 mm, 4.5 mm, 4-piston fixed caliper (5 mm M wheels)

Breake, rear

Single disc brake, diameter 220 mm, 1-piston floating caliper


BMW Motorrad Race ABS (partial integral), Brake-Slide-Assist


BMW Motorrad ABS Pro (settings for RAIN, ROAD, DYNAMIC, RACE mode)


Dimensions / weights

Seat height at unladen weight

832 mm

Inner leg curve at unladen weight

1,845 mm 

Usable tank volume

16.5 l


approx. 4 l


2,073 mm


1,205 mm


848 mm

Dry weight

175 kg (M Package 173.3 kg) without battery

Unladen weight, road ready, fully fuelled

197 kg (M Package 193.5 kg)

Permitted total weight

407 kg

Payload (with standard equipment)

210 kg

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